Infrared Sauna


The use of heat for regenerating tissues is practiced since antiquity, exploiting the natural resources present in certain places.


Now, it is possible to recreate this particular warmth artificially in a completely safe environment, with infrared sauna. A sauna is an isolated environment from the outside world, where you can go, and during the session, a period of complete relaxation aimed at purifying the body occurs.


Infrared Sauna, despite being a kind of passive activity, has many therapeutic properties.


What is the difference from traditional sauna?

The temperature used in the infrared sauna is about 60 °C, significantly lower than that used in traditional saunas (80-90 °C).

Among those who choose the infrared cabin, there are those who just tolerate extreme heat and high humidity that characterize the traditional sauna.

The infrared sauna also allow more relaxation, because, given the much lower temperature, there would be no need to go out every 10-15 minutes to take a cold shower. Instead, you can stay quietly for as long as half an hour.


How does it work?

The heating in infrared saunas, obtained with infrared quartz panels of up to 40 mm, penetrates the body of those who participate in the session. Then, it is heated from the inside. Normally, you start to sweat after about ten minutes.


What are the effects?

When our body is subjected to a higher temperature than the surrounding environment, it triggers important self-regulating mechanisms such as intense perspiration used to combat water retention, expelling many toxins.


Over time, the therapeutic effects of infrared saunas have been recognized around the world and are mainly due to the rise in temperature in all irradiated tissues. These effects include:

1) Muscle Relaxation: The beneficial heat generated by infrared greatly facilitates the relaxation of the muscles.

2) Trophic effect: The increased blood flow, which follows vasodilation, results in an increased amount of nutrients and oxygen in the tissues. These biological modifications improve tissue tropism and facilitate the repair of tissue damage.

3) Organic Detoxification: With heat, the pores open, allowing sweat to exit and eliminating toxins.


When is this treatment prescribed?

Several studies have shown its effectiveness to treat several diseases (PMC2718593):

– Normalize blood pressure

– Chronic Pain

– Chronic fatigue

– Improvement of sports performance and reduce recovery time

– Spa Treatment


How many sessions are necessary?

Three weekly sessions are usually recommended, to be repeated on a regular basis depending on the therapeutic purpose. We recommend sessions of 15-30 minutes.


Are there any contraindications?

The use of the infrared sauna at Ortho-bio-med is prescribed only after medical examination.

It is contraindicated in cases of:

  • Fever
  • Skin burns, wounds or infectious processes
  • Menstrual flow
  • Pregnancy


Are there side effects?

According to the medical evidence available, during the stay in the cabin, you may experience nausea, chills, cramps or dizziness, and you may also feel sick. In this case, you should immediately leave the cabin and lie down until you feel better.


What do you do after the sauna?

After a session of the infrared sauna, taking a too cold or too hot shower is not recommended. Instead, we suggest a wellness massage or continuing with a spa treatment with muds.

At Ortho-Bio-Med, we have a special section dedicated to wellness and spa.

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