Massage and Manual Medicine


Massage (from the Greek massein meaning “knead” or “shape”) is the oldest form of physical therapy, used over time by different civilizations to relieve pain and to help the muscles relax.

Manual medicine is a rehabilitation approach that provides new therapeutic options in the management of painful disease of the musculoskeletal system. The use of the hand as a therapeutic tool to treat diseases or relieve pain was known since ancient times.

More recently, in America they developed osteopathy and chiropractic, two treatment methods both based on the use of targeted hands to treat many different ailments. The cornerstone on which gravitates Manual Medicine is represented by its organic sistemismo between muscles, joints, viscera, organs, lymphatic and vascular system as well as nervous tissue.

While in the past, mechanical models were used to decipher the causes of diseases and the effectiveness of these treatments, today’s theories underlying the Manual Medicine assume that a scaturisca disease is an alteration of functional regulation loop of the joints, the connective tissue and functionality of the circulation of body fluids. These adjustment mechanisms, best known as “regulative therapies” have the purpose of restoring the right reciprocal functional relationship between various body compartments.

The correct reciprocity, in relation to those that are the most current studies on the development and care of trauma and functional discomfort, appear to be at the base of the healing process.

Needless to say that joint function disorders are the first target of Manual Medicine, also in cases in which this function is completely compromised, such as fractures, osteoarthritis or other injuries. With the help of these treatments, the aim is to attain the re-activation of ill-functioning joint reserves, or at least to reduce the patient’s symptoms and pain.

At Ortho-bio-med, depending on the patient’s symptoms, manual therapy is associated with other therapies (neural therapy, percutaneous idrotomia, mesotherapy, ultrasound etc.), in order to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

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