Lymphatic drainage


Lymph drainage is a massage technique, which has the purpose of draining the lymphatic fluids from the tissues and reducing edema.


What are the uses?

This technique is used in different cases, which are not limited to purely aesthetic issues. In particular:

– Cellulite

– Edema

– Scarring of ulcers

– Aches and pains

– Regulation of the autonomic nervous system


How does it work?

Lymphatic drainage exerts its function through several mechanisms:

  1. Mechanical action: promotes the elimination of interstitial and lymphatic fluids
  2. Activities relaxing of muscle fibres: particularly in relevant areas of the perforating veins


The operator must precisely know the anatomy of the lymphatic system. The aim is not only to drive the sap to the nearest lymph areas to be massaged, but to reactivate lymphatic circulation, unlocking the mechanisms that had been altered.


How many sessions are needed?

The frequency and length of the sessions will be determined based on the patient’s problem. At Ortho-bio-med, an integrated therapy is planned to reactivate the venous and lymphatic system, with the help of dietary supplements. We also have several drainage methods (link).

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