Hot Stone Massage


The story tells us how the Chinese already used hot stones for therapeutic purposes 3,000 years ago to improve the functioning of internal organs.


What is it?

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which hot stones are placed upon particular points of the body in order to maximize the therapeutic effect. The therapist often uses the stones as an extension of his/her own hands during the massage.


What kind of stones are used?

Lava basalt stones are used, which absorb and release heat very well. The stones are heated to a temperature of 52-54 °C.


What are the benefits?

It has significant benefits:

– Muscle Relaxation

– Pain relief

– Psycho-physical well-being

– Improved circulation

Probably the most pleasing effect reported by customers is the deep state of relaxation and well-being.


At Ortho-bio-med, this treatment is combined with infrared sauna and mud.

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