Bioshape Med is a widely-used and proven-effective technology in the world that combines the action of the most advanced technologies to ensure stunning results against cellulite, localized adiposity and signs of aging.


How does it work?

Bioshape Med is one of the few machines on the market that combines the synergistic action of multiple technologies, combining radio, endodermal massage, vacuum and infrared. The four different hand pieces are fitted to ensure the most effective results, according to the area to be treated. Unlike other products on the market that only treat larger areas of the body, Bioshape Med acts effectively on small areas such as the face and neck, with two specific hand pieces. One machine, therefore, allows you to effectively work on multiple fronts, from cellulite to facelift.


How does it work?

In addition to eliminating skin imperfections such as cellulite and localized fat, it promotes the drainage of liquids and stimulates the skin’s natural elasticity. Bioshape Med is one of the few multifunction platforms that can be performed on the body and on the face, ensuring quick results, safely and progressively.

It acts on the face and body with four different hand pieces that combine the most effective technologies to reduce cellulite, eliminate fat deposits, firming the tissues and makes the skin firmer and firmer, for an immediate lifting effect.


When is it prescribed?

It can naturally treat all connective tissue disorders in the aesthetic field, thus reducing cellulite and localized fat, stretch marks, wrinkles, under-lashes bags and over-eyelashes. It is specifically designed to:

  • reduce cellulite;
  • reduce localized fat deposits;
  • firm and tone tissues in the chin, abdomen, hips and lower limbs;
  • treat stretch marks
  • tone critical areas such as the chin, arms, abdomen, hips and legs;
  • reduce wrinkles;
  • reduce bags under and over eyelashes.


An example: treatment for cellulite.

The treatment for cellulite with BioShape combines the benefits of radio frequency and infrared with those of the endodermal massage. The radiofrequency heats the skin and subcutaneous tissue in order to stimulate collagen and allow for a skin remodelling. Infrared rays dry the imbibed fabric of water, typical of cellulite, localized mainly at subcutaneous level. Finally, the endodermal massage allows the stretching of the skin and the breaking of the fibrous septa that typically causes the cellulite.


Are there side effects?

It is a mild technology, without hassles and is painless

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