Strengthening the Immune System


The immune system is responsible for defending the body against foreign microorganisms and recognizing tumours or virus-infected cells.

Every day, we put it under stress coming into contact with trillions of microorganisms.


What reduces our immune system?

There are many factors that reduce the efficiency of the immune system, among which include:

– Stress: It is known that those under stress are more susceptible to infectious diseases (e.g. Herpes).

– Medications: There are many drugs that reduce our defences. Besides the classic immunosuppressant used in chemotherapy or autoimmune diseases, cortisone and classic antibiotics can greatly reduce the defensive capabilities of our body.

– Nutritional deficiencies: Like all systems, the immune system also needs amino acids and vitamins to work well.

– Noise Fields: The presence of interference fields (e.g. Chronic silent inflammation) reduces our defences, as if the immune system was focusing on the problem ignoring the rest.

– Electromagnetic fields

– Environmental factors (smoking, alcohol etc.)


What are the consequences?

In the event that the immune system is deficient, we will be more exposed to infectious diseases:

– Tonsillitis and recurrent sore throat

– Influence and seasonal diseases

– Otitis

– Cystitis

– Respiratory diseases etc.


Moreover, there is a part of the immune system (natural killer lymphocytes – NK) which is responsible for fighting against viruses and cancer cells. Therefore, a deficiency of these particular cells exposes us to the development of cancer.


Is it possible to have objective data about the state of the immune system?

At Ortho-bio-med, a venipuncture is often performed in order to evaluate the efficiency of the immune system in all its subclasses. You can then implement a targeted therapy.


Are there remedies? How can we strengthen the immune system?

At Ortho-bio-med, we use several strategies to improve the efficiency of the immune system, including:

– Infusions containing essential amino acids and vitamins for the proper functioning of the immune system;

– Homeopathic vaccinations, based on intramuscular infiltrations made weekly for five weeks with homeopathic remedies associated with autologous blood;

– Medicinal fungi, using medicinal mushrooms in order to stimulate the defences;

– Ozone therapy

– UV rays

– Intravenous Laser

– Micro immunotherapy

And numerous other personalized therapies based on the patient’s clinical context. It will also be important, if possible, to eliminate the cause of the problem.

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