Infusion of Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamins and minerals are elements, taken with food, which are essential for the proper functioning of our body.

All of these substances should be taken daily in order to maintain the proper functioning of cellular metabolism.

Unfortunately, because of our increasingly hectic lifestyle, we have less and less time to eat properly and healthy. The way we cook foods is critical for the maintenance of the nutritional properties of the foods. For instance, high temperatures tend to alter most of the micronutrients present in the food.

Another problem is impoverishment due to the intensification of crop land. This reduces the nutritional value of foods obtained from those particular crops.

A deficiency of vitamins can lead to the development of certain diseases or imbalances in our body.


Which imbalances are being investigated?

At Ortho-bio-med, we have several methods to investigate nutritional deficiencies, including:

  • Laboratory Diagnostics Anti-Aging (link)
  • Oligoscans
  • Bioscans


What are these infusions of vitamins or minerals?

Nutritional deficiencies are usually substantial and require infusions to restore stocks and boost metabolism.

According to the clinical and diagnostic circumstances, drips containing adequate doses of vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids etc. are prescribed.


How many infusions are necessary?

Everything depends on the clinical context and what are serious shortcomings. Usually a 5-session weekly cycle is carried out.

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