Integrated Oncology


Integrated oncology is an emerging model in cancer treatment. The focus is not only on the tumour, but especially on the thorough study of the causes that have led to the development of the tumour and the context in which it developed.

It is important to say that surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are integral parts in the treatment.

Besides the conventional approach attention is given to the:

1) Immune System: the mainstay of therapy. It is unlikely that a cancer develops when the immune system is efficient, and it is essential to make an analysis that reveals any changes in the proportions between the different areas of the immune system by lymphocyte typing. The most important type in fighting a tumour is represented by NK cells (Natural Killer). This class of lymphocytes are specialized in recognizing cancer cells and those infected with viruses. At Ortho-Bio-Med, several therapeutic strategies are put in place to improve the count of this particular type of lymphocytes. Through this treatment, we will be able to improve the effectiveness of patients’ immune systems against cancer cells.

2) Extracellular Matrix: The extracellular matrix could be taken as the context in which they live and feed on the cells of our body. This is also a key point. It suffice to say that there are numerous studies in scientific literature that describe how a cancer cell inserted in a healthy environment is destined to die. At the same time, a healthy cell inserted in a tumorous environment is destined to become a tumour. The tumour could then be considered as a kind of cell adaptation to the context in which it is forced to live. Unhealthy diets, hectic lives, exposure to known risk factors (smoking, alcohol etc.), but above all, the lack of a way of life aimed at preventing the onset of disease, predisposes to the development of tumours.

3) Chronic inflammatory state: It is well-known that chronic inflammation is almost always at the base of cell degeneration. At Ortho-Bio-Med, much attention is paid to this aspect through accurate, targeted and personalized therapies.

4) Psyche: The stress that follows or precedes an oncology treatment is a constant factor. Many studies confirm the strong correlation between high stress and the possibility of developing cancer. Improving the psychological aspect of the problem together with the treatment are key factors, so that the patient will be able to complete the therapeutic path in the best way possible.

In short, the fight against cancer must be a multidisciplinary course in which all players must play its role in order to improve the effectiveness of the care and the patient’s recovery. This model can be built safely at any stage of treatment. Of course, this should ideally be the supplement to conventional care.

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