Ortho-Bionomy®, developed in the ‘70s by Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a doctor in osteopathy, is a simple and effective method that allows you to explore the messages of the body, both in its physical form and in its energy dimension. Its function is to restore the natural ability of the body to self-regulate its tensions.

This is a very gentle method that consists essentially of:

  • perceiving and recognizing the message given to the body through its tensions and its imbalances
  • helping the body identify its tensions
  • favor the opening of the person towards possible change, stimulating the reflexes of self-correction of the body
  • accompanying the person in his or her instinctive movements of regulation, without the imposition of a directive technique


Ortho-Bionomista recognizes the tensions and imbalances in the body at the osteo-articular level, and applies the positions suitable for the stimulation of the reflex auto-corrector for all joints and muscle groups of the body.


The operator also receives energy that circulates through the body and provides information that encourages self-correction and accompanies the patient in his/her transformation.


Without the use of force and creating a secure environment, Ortho-Bionomista respects the pace and the resistance of each patient, giving special attention to the skull and visceral approach to the posture.



  • imbalances, tensions and muscle pain
  • various functional problems: visceral pain, headache, dizziness, digestive disorders, sleep, vision etc
  • postural imbalance: pathological kyphosis and lordosis, scoliosis
  • support for treating certain depressive states
  • treatment of the consequences of shock, trauma and accidents
  • after-effects of operations, scars
  • pregnancy, support before and after childbirth
  • accompaniment in certain serious diseases, chronic or degenerative: comfort, relaxation and pain relief


Ortho-Bionomy® is an excellent method of prevention and education that allows everyone to take care of his/her own health at any age. This method, very mild and delicate, is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

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