Ortho-bio-med is a centre of excellence in the field of complementary treatment / biological and regulative medicine.

Most domestic demand is covered by the basic and the complementary insurance.

It is located in Roveredo (Grisons), about 13km from Bellinzona.

In 2016, the property was expanded considerably, and some novelties were also added in the field of integrated oncological therapy.

The Foundation “Norma and Walter Hürzeler” was also set up. This foundation is committed to the publication of studies and the organization of seminars at home and abroad.

At Ortho-bio-med, we have a holistic approach to the care of your problem.

Dr. Olaf. W. Kuhnke


Dr Kuhnke is a German doctor and was the medical director of the “Clinic AL RONC” Castaneda from 2002 to 2008. Parallel to the specialization in General Internal Medicine, he completed several degrees and an in-depth Master’s degree in the field of biological and complementary medicine. He later became deputy director of a renowned clinic in the fields of conventional and complementary oncology in southern Bavaria (Klinik St. Georg Bad Aibling).

He has held several courses and conferences internationally as the lecturer/speaker in the field of complementary medicine. Between 2009 and 2011, he was the President of ZAEN, Europe’s largest medical association for Complementary Medicine.

Dr Kuhnke has received the following awards:

General and Internal Medicine FMH

Neural Therapy according to Huneke (Santh, IMGEAV)

Acupuncture (TCM ASA CH, DäGfA DE)

Chiropractic (Bayerische Landesärztekammer)

Homeopathy (Zentralverband Homöopathischer Aerzte DE)

Nutrition (Deutsche Akademie für Ernährungsmedizin e.V.)

EAV Electro acupuncture from VOLL (Bayerische Landesärztekammer)

 Davide Dello Buono


Dr Dello Buono is Italian and has a degree in Medicine and Surgery awarded by the University of Siena in 2012.

He decided to move to Switzerland and immediately after the Federal Medical School recognized his degree, he began a path of specialization in the field of complementary medicine.

He worked for seven months at the Swiss Anti-Aging Centre (Dr.med. Werner Nussbaumer), and in January 2015, he joined the Specialized Care Centre Ortho Bio Med as a medical assistant, under the guidance of Dr Olaf W. Kuhnke.

Over the years, he has completed the following courses:

University Master’s Degree in “chronic pain therapy: invasive techniques, minimally invasive and drug therapy” (La Sapienza University of Rome)
Hydrotomie percutaneous (Saint Maurice – Switzerland)
Advanced Course in “Anti-Aging and Anti-Stress Methods” (La Sapienza University of Rome)
Master’s Degree in “Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases” (University of Pisa)
Attending the Triennial School of Neural Therapy sec. HUNEKE and the Triennial School of Functional Medicine (Italy)
Registered for the third year of the Florence School Acupuncture (FISA)

Claudia G. Scaramella


She graduated as a paediatric nurse. She worked at the University Hospital of Zurich for several years.

Since 1987, after gaining surgical experience at the clinic of San Rocco di Grono, she became involved in the field of biological medicine at the clinic AL RONC, under the initial guidance of Dr G. Anselmi and later Dr Olaf Kuhnke, learning the different methods of complementary care. She is specialized in:

Classic massage
Foot reflexology
Lymphatic drainage sec. VODDER / Endermologie
Curative pedicure
The Ortho-Bio-Med Centre also takes care of the aesthetic medicine treatments.

Alberto Carlo Dell’Acqua


Mr. Dell’Acqua is Italian. Before joining the Ortho-bio-med team, he worked as a sports massage therapist for the football team of Bellinzona.

At the centre of Ortho-Bio-Med he is specialized in:

Classic massage
Foot reflexology
Lymphatic drainage sec. VODDER

 Nadja Gamba – Cavegn


CRS-registered nurse in general care with work experience in the field of neurological, muscle-skeletal and cardio-vascular rehabilitation.

She has always been fascinated by holistic medicine and has had the opportunity to work in this field at Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle (Dr Rau and others), Clinica Sta. Croce Orselina (Dr Spinedi) and Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc Castaneda under the guidance of Dr Anselmi, Dr Kuhnke and finally Dr Wiechel.

In addition to working as a nurse, she deals with the psychological support of patients at Ortho-bio-med. The therapeutic interviews are based on individual psychology according to A. Adler, who was instructed by Ms. Hofstetter Maja, a graduated therapist.

 Dr. Andrea Kalafova









 Dr. Giovanni Chetta

After obtaining his master’s degree in food science and technology with specialization in biochemistry in 1988 (University of Milan), he expanded his education and received, among others, the Master in Posturology (University of Milan-Bicocca), the Diploma in Massage Therapy (Centro Studi Superiori, Bergamo), the master’s degree in Science in Chiropractic (Honolulu University – USA) and the Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy – COMT Certification with Dr. Joseph Muscolino (Stamford CT, USA).

In addition to his therapeutic work at various clinical facilities, he has been active in research for many years. From 2006 to 2010 he worked at the Medical Faculty of the Charité Berlin. Since 2012 he is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society (Boulder, Colorado, USA). In 2012 he founded the TIBodywork Institute (Arcore MB, Italy), Center for Therapy, Research and Education. He has performed several international lectures, conferences and publications.

In Switzerland, he is recognized by SRC and supplementary health insurance as a medical masseur since 2014 and his specializations at Ortho-Bio-Med are:

• Postural examination

• Postural reeducation

• Manual therapy and electrotherapy